Mohair Stole

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Sabine Mohr
27.10.2014 09:02

Mohair Stole

Hi Bee,

My name is Khara and I am in the process of planning my December wedding. I have been searching for a stole or bolero to wear with my dress and have had such a difficult time finding anything I like. I was so excited when I came across your etsy shop earlier today! I absolutely LOVE your work and the quality of your yarns!!! I am not sure, however, which style would work best with my dress.

My wedding dress has a very low V in the back, so something straight across in the back that is higher than waist level might look strange. Alternatively, this "wedding bolero scarf stole" might look nice with the deep V back, but I truly prefer fitted sleeves rather than the bell sleeves. I am attaching photos of my dress. Please take a look and let me know what you would suggest to be most complimentary with my wedding gown.

I look forward to hearing back from you!

Sabine Mohr
27.10.2014 09:03

AW: Mohair Stole

this is a wonderfull wedding dress. Now for this I could almost only imagine the one you have choosen. I offer this also with fitted sleeves on customer demand. If you choose this please add you wish when ordering.

One Alternative might be a stole I have it knitted with lace or even:

I have also a new stole ... the model is new, therefore not only yet. With the stole you are more independent with the binding or wearing it. In my opinion the best choice.

I do have both knitted with mohair or baby alpaca, alpaca is substituting cashmere as it is in a nicer colour.

I hope I could help, thank you Sabine.