Bridal Bolero knitted in one piece

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Sabine Mohr
19.10.2014 18:41

Bridal Bolero knitted in one piece


I love this bolero and think it might be perfect for my wedding at the end of November!

I wanted to clarify your returns policy (just in case it doesn't fit me). I'm based in the UK, so I think if this didn't fit then you'd need to receive this back within 14 days of the date of your invoice.

I'd try on the bolero immediately and return immediately if it wasn't suitable - but I'm a bit worried that with the UK postal system this might mean you don't receive the item back within 14 days.

If I were able to obtain a proof of postage at this end showing that I'd mailed it back promptly, would this work for you?

Sorry for all the questions! I've never bought anything from etsy before, and although this bolero looks beautiful I just want to make sure that both you and me are happy with the purchase!

All best wishes,

Sabine Mohr
19.10.2014 18:42

AW: Bridal Bolero knitted in one piece

Dear Hannah,

thank you for your message. As long as you give it to mail within a short time after receiving it is ok to have it later.

Please if you do so, send it back being registered email and adding the note "return" on it.

Now if you have a dress what is close to white I recommend to order whiter otherwize iyory.

Usually the size you normally wear suits.

Have a great day Sabine.